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This project is started and sponsored by Agile Design LLC:

It contains 2 general purpose class libraries:

Utilities Library - Asynchronous Logging and Static Reflection
This library provides common functionality usable for most software projects:

Logger - Asynchronous logging wrapper on top of new Microsoft logging class TraceSource with simplified API

NameOf - Avoid using string names using static reflection

ConvertTo<T>() extension method for universal and robust type conversion including complex types (for complex types it matches properties and fields by name)

<IDictionary>.ToDisplayString() extension method

Left(), Right() and NormalizedSpaces() - string extension methods

Various reflection helpers

See unit tests for usage examples

It is used by SSAS Entity Framework Provider (LINQ to OLAP cubes):

EnvironmentDiagnostics with Status Page
EnvironmentDiagnostics open source class library comes with Status Page usage example.
We believe it is a single the most important thing to have setup on any project with complex environment dependencies and configuration.

This library does the following:

Takes any strongly typed configuration object and scans all its properties
Displays actual configuration values (useful for dynamic configuration properties and controlled environments like Production)
Detects SQL connections, file names, local folders and shares among these properties
Verifies read and write access for these external resources using your AppPool account and DB connection strings

NuGet location of EnvironmentDiagnostics:

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